Let your project manage itself

Self XDSD is the platform for automated management of distributed projects.

How it works
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What is Self?

Self is a platform which helps you implement the XDSD management principles in your project. In essence, this means:

  • Everyone gets paid for closed Issues/PRs.
  • Micro-tasking is recommended.
  • No meetings or video conferences needed, all communication happens inside the tickets.
  • Code Quality Gates should be automated as part of the CI process.
  • Payment/invoicing happens automatically after a ticket is closed.

Our chatbot PMs work at Github and at GitLab.

Self XDSD Screenshot
Self XDSD Screenshot

Register your repository

Once registered, your repository will be assigned to one of our chatbot Project Managers.

Choose your contributors, assign them roles (developer, code-reviewer, qa etc) and set their hourly rates.

From there on, the PM will take care of the project for you.


Here is what Self XDSD has to offer:

  • A smart chatbot Project Manager.
  • Issue Assignment
  • PR Assignment
  • Open/close Issues based on "to-do" and "fix-me" code comments.
  • Automatic invoicing and payments
Self XDSD Screenshot

Dry Run, No Card Required

No Cash, No Problem

  • When you activate a new repo, we assign it a fake wallet with 100.000 €.
  • You can work with it until you decide to register a real wallet.
  • The business flow and functionalities of Self XDSD are the same, except there are no real payments performed.
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Real Payments

8% per Invoiced Task

  • Self XDSD charges a commission for each invoiced task.
  • Commission is charged only for tasks finished, closed and invoiced.
  • For each 1000 € invested in development, you pay 80 € for the management.
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